K3NG Anthony


Rotor control with the option of using analog or digital sensors for AZ & EL 

connecting the GPS module ... and many other options.

build in autotracking for Moon & Sun to use whit EME.




a good software for the controler is PstRotator 





K3NG Anthony web-page 



















Here is my sketch for the Arduino


Component I use to build my Rotor-controller and you can buy it on E-bay.




Arduino Mega-2560 R3




AS5045 12bit sensor & Magnet ( you can get 3 sample FREE )


look for AS5045 sensor and AS5000-MD6H-1 magnet


but you have to sign in to get the sampels ;-)


if you dont have the time to build one, you can use a good sensor from DL1SR





RTC8583 Realtime clock





GPS Antenne /Module







The Gearbox I use is from STM



Gearbox no.1 





Gearbox no 2.

Ration 1:100





1440rpm 3x400vac 180w



360' Turning time 2.8min



This is my version of a home-made-rotor :-)




















Ny version af rotor styringen med GPS styring, mulig hed for at få PC-time til at synk med GPS !