Bornholm Island



SSPA Display with Arduino






Control for solid state amplifier
 Drain Current sense with LT6102
Measure Fwd, Rev Power with LTC5507 or equiv
Built in sequencer, hot switch the drive
RF detect keying option
 -- Functions --
 Wait in Startup state for 50V Supply
 Key amplifier on key* line
 Fault on excess voltage supply (Min/ Max)
  Fault on excess drain current (Max)
  Fault on excess reflected power (max)
Supply Voltage
Drain Current
 Forward Power
 Reflected Power
-- Inputs to Controller --
    Supply Voltage
         Drain Current
     Forward Power
     Reverse Power
-- Digital Inputs to Controller --
     Key (PTT)
--Outputs from Controller --
     Output Relay sequencing RL1+2+3

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